HR Interview Question

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Introduce Yourself Click Here
What are you passionate about? What did you do it achieve it? Click Here
What is your short term and long term goal? Click Here
What are the challenges one faces as a leader? Click Here
Tell me about your hobbies. Which one is your favorite and why? What does it teach you? Click Here
Why are you not pursuing your hobby as your career? Click Here
What makes you stand out against all the other candidates? Click Here
Where do you see yourself in the next five years? Click Here
What is your biggest achievement till now? Click Here
Tell us about your ultimate goal in life. Click Here
You had to wait for more than 5 hours for the interview. Are you feeling tired? Click Here
Are you willing to relocate? Click Here
What salary do you expect? Click Here
Are you a team player? Click Here
How would you be an asset to our organization? Click Here
Do you have an offer from any other organization? Click Here
How would you describe your college life? Click Here
Why do you think you are fit for our company? Click Here
What do you expect from this job? Click Here
Where do you rate yourself (out of 10) as an engineer? Click Here
One thing that you would like to change about college. Click Here
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