Java Programming Interview Questions

Smallcode often asks candidates to differentiate between method overloading and method overriding in Java, challenging them to provide scenarios where each is beneficial, thereby assessing both their theoretical knowledge and practical understanding of Java programming concepts.

QNo Question
1 What is Java?
2 What is JDK and JRE in Java?
3 Why main method is static in Java?
4 What is the scope of variable in Java?
5 What is abstract class in Java?
6 What is interface in Java? Why are used?
7 Define inheritance? What are the types of Inheritance?
8 Can we overload main method?
9 What is "super" keyword in Java?
10 What is "static" keyword in Java?
11 What is used of "new" keyword in Java?
12 Why java is Platform Independent?
13 What is ClassLoader in Java?
14 Difference between HashSet and ArrayList in Java?
15 How can override the private method in Java?
16 What is wait() method in Java?
17 Difference between Polymorphism and Inheritance in Java?
18 Difference between throw and throws keyword in Java?
19 Why Java doesn't support multiple inheritances?
20 What is the use Runnable vs thread in Java?
21 What is Iterator in Java?
22 How we are Run Simple Java Program Using Console?