Preposition Verbal MCQs with Answer - Exercise I

Ques 1 Preposition

Because of his distrust_________ everyone, he could never gain good friend.
  a) by
  b) of
  c) with
  d) in

b is the correct option

Ques 2 Preposition

Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize of his ____________ the theory of relativity.
  a) inventing
  b) invention of
  c) promulgation of
  d) discovery of

d is the correct option

Ques 3 Preposition

The way he is currying favor ________ his rich neighbor is sickening.
  a) of
  b) with
  c) for
  d) to

b is the correct option

Ques 4 Preposition

His tendency to pick up a quarrel __________ petty things lost him a number of friends.
  a) with
  b) over
  c) at
  d) into

b is the correct option

Ques 5 Preposition

The poor women begged __________ bread. We all begged pardon ________ her.
  a) for, of
  b) of, for
  c) to, of
  d) for, to

a is the correct option