Sentence Completion Exercise I

Ques 1 Sentence Completion

I went to the store to buy some groceries, but I _______ my wallet at home.
  a) forgot
  b) remember
  c) lost
  d) found

a is the correct option

Ques 2 Sentence Completion

The students were excited about the upcoming field trip because they would get to _______ new things.
  a) learn
  b) teach
  c) forget
  d) play

a is the correct option

Ques 3 Sentence Completion

Sarah is an excellent athlete; she always gives _______ her best effort in every game.
  a) away
  b) back
  c) up
  d) out

d is the correct option

Ques 4 Sentence Completion

The cake looked delicious, and everyone couldn't wait to _______ a slice.
  a) eat
  b) cook
  c) throw
  d) hide

a is the correct option

Ques 5 Sentence Completion

After a long day at work, I like to relax and _______ a good book.
  a) read
  b) write
  c) study
  d) draw

a is the correct option

Ques 6 Sentence Completion

The company decided to _______ its prices in order to attract more customers.
  a) raise
  b) lower
  c) maintain
  d) change

b is the correct option