Introduction of C MCQs Exercise I

Ques 1 Introduction

C programming is developed in.............
  a) 1972
  b) 1970
  c) 1971
  d) 1973

c is the correct option

Ques 2 Introduction

Which of the following is not advantage of C programming________
  a) It is portable.
  b) High level language.
  c) It is Interperated language.
  d) None of these.

c is the correct option

Ques 3 Introduction

Compiler generates______
  a) Object code.
  b) High level language code.
  c) Both a and b.
  d) None of these.

a is the correct option

Ques 4 Introduction

Who father of C programming language______
  a) Dmitry Jemerov.
  b) James Gosling.
  c) Jonathan Swift.
  d) Dennis Ritchie.

d is the correct option

Ques 5 Introduction

Can we print any things without main function ?
  a) Yes
  b) No
  c) N/A
  d) N/A

b is the correct option